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NanoMembrane is a strategic initiative by the Science & Technology of Nanosystems (STN) research programme in the Helmholtz Research Field Key Technologies under the leadership of Professor Dr Ing Andrea Iris Schäfer that commended in mid 2016 with 10 part funded cooperative PhD projects. The initiative aims to bring together the vast materials research expertise at KIT towards nanoscale engineering of novel membrane materials of superior performance:

  • significantly enhanced water permeability
  • specific and effective removal of pollutants (e.g. salt, micropollutants)
  • low fouling properties (biological, organic, scaling)
  • controllable characteristics (e.g. switchable, regenerative, programmable, adaptable)
  • nano to macro approach (materials development through to manufacturing and system scale applications)

The research themes are organised in the following structure

STN (Science and Technology of Nanosystems)


NanoMembrane Group

PhD Candidate PI Intitute Title
Xiang Zhan Dittmeyer IMVT Photocatalytic degradation of pharmaceuticals in water on activated nanofiltration membranes
Tobias Berger Richards IMT ALD-deposited Photocatalytic Coatings for Membranes
Roman Lyubimenko Turshatov & Richards IMT Sunlight driven generation of active oxygen via membrane anchored organic photosensitizers
Hui-Yu Liu Hirtz INT Multiplexed Protein Insertion into Biomimetic Lipid Membrane
Zheqin Dong Levkin ITG Functional Porous Polymer Membranes with Defined Porosity, Structure and Chemistry
Jana Kumberg Schabel & Scharfer IMT-TVT Casting of multi-layered, functional NanoMembrane structures
Frank Löffler Hoffmann & Schell IAM-KWT Quartz structures for catalytic composites
Maram Faghih Schäfer IFG Polymeric nanofiber composite membranes with cyclodextrin receptors for micropollutant capture
Matteo Tagliavini Schäfer IFG Membrane adsorber composites manufactured from polymer based activated carbon beads and ultrafiltration membranes
Sahana Sheshachala Schäfer & Biedermann IFG & INT Molecular host-polymer composite membranes for hormone and drug removal from drinking water